KINKYRICKY finemaleart is all about a private collection curated by founder of KinkyRicky fine male art, to promote art focused on the male form.

In 2015 KinkyRicky started to collect fine male art, before that it would feel like a Crimen Nefandum.

And even today I receive reactions on my collection that they love it, but they can't hang it on their walls.  

Social stigma's in the West are again getting stronger and in other parts of the world, laws makes it difficult to express art based on the (male)figure. When it becomes too nude, explicit scenes, or two male figures together is easily labelled as porn, but is it porn? I see beauty made by artists with passion.

So my private collection is a way to tell others, relax, enjoy

it doesn't hurt.

with regards,Ronald Wisse

Founder of: KinkyRicky finemaleart

" Can art succeed where porn fails - to actually turn us on?"